Our Top Italian Songs of the Moment-March

After writing about our favorite Latin songs of the moment, we were inspired to compile a list of our favorite Italian songs of the moment. Here's a list of our top 3 Italian songs hitting the airwaves right now.

3. "Incanto"-Tiziano Ferro

Why We Picked It: We have been waiting for the longest time for new material from Tiziano, so when we learned he was releasing a new album at the end of last year we just had to listen! TZN-The Best of Tiziano Ferro is a greatest hits collection featuring a few new tracks among other hits from previous albums, including Rosso Relativo and Alla Mia Età. We love all the new tracks, but we agreed to choose "Incanto" as our favorite.


2. "Guerriero"-Marco Mengoni

Why We Picked It: In case you haven't noticed, we've been totally taken by Marco Mengoni's latest album (and pretty much every song on it). Although the second single "Esseri Umani" was recently released, we thought we'd feature his first single here instead because it was the song that first captivated us. The lyrics and instrumentals work perfectly together to make "Guerriero" one powerful canzone. It's simply mozzafiato (breathtaking).


1. "Grande Amore"-Il Volo

Why We Picked It: Wow, is this song epic! In our opinion, it's one of the best songs that Il Volo has released. It beautifully displays their maturity as artists. A winner at legendary music festival Sanremo, Il Volo will represent Italy with this song in the famed Eurovision Song Contest in May.