Albums We Love: Corazón (2014)-Santana

Our Favorite Songs: "Amor Correspondido" (feat. Diego Torres), "Beijo de Longe" (feat. Gloria Estefan), "Margarita" (feat. Romeo Santos)

Why We Love It:

The latest album from Santana is nominated this year for a Latin Billboard in the Top Latin Album of the Year category, and justifiably so. With a multi-lingual track list and a slew of collaborating artists, including Ziggy Marley, Miguel, and Gloria Estefan (who sings both in Spanish and Português here), Corazón has us hooked on its infectious rhythms. The tracks listed above are now permanent features on our playlist.

Oh, and did we mention we literally had "Margarita" on repeat when we first heard it? Yeah. It's that good.