10 of the Best Song Entries of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

The Eurovision Song Contest is almost here! We're celebrating its arrival with a compilation of 10 of this year's best song entries.

An annual contest since 1956, it's one of the most-watched events in the world. Being set on such a large stage, the contest gives its contestants great exposure. Winners therefore have the opportunity to expand their careers. Past winners include Domenico Modugno, Celine Dion, and Julio Iglesias. I think we all know the success they've since experienced. Who will be the next Eurovision star?

10. Eduard Romanyuta-"I Want Your Love"


Why We Picked It: We were hooked on this song from 22-year-old indie artist Eduard Romanyuta within the first 10 seconds of listening to it.


9. Anti Social Media-"The Way You Are"


Why We Picked It: The only way to describe this song is upbeat and sweet--and perfect.


8. Nina Sublatti-"Warrior"


Why We Picked It: This girl is super fierce! Bringing a powerful song to the Eurovision arena, she reminds us a little bit of Lady Gaga in both song and style.


7. Bojana Stamenov-"Beauty Never Lies"


Why We Picked It: "Beauty Never Lies" from soulful Serbian songstress Bojana Stamenov is a stunning, compelling song about loving yourself and embracing what makes you unique.


6. Nadav Guedj-"Golden Boy"


Why We Picked It: French-Israeli singer Nadav Guedj brings a unique style of "blue-eyed soul" to the table in the form of a fun, danceable song with a gorgeous middle eastern vibe.


5. Uzari & Maimuna-"Time"


Why We Picked It: Belarusian singer-songwriter Uzari teamed up with the phenomenally accomplished violinist Maimuna on this awesome track. We just love the chorus: "Time is like thunder, a-aa..."


4. John Karayiannis-"One Thing I Should Have Done"


Why We Picked It: Quietly heartbreaking, simple yet complex, this song expresses beautiful vulnerability.


3. Electro Velvet-"Still In Love With You"

United Kingdom

Why We Picked It: The 1920s swing of this track from British duo Electro Velvet makes it an instant stand-out hit. And that scatting? Forget it. We wish those glamorous days were back again.


2. Guy Sebastian-"Tonight Again"


Why We Picked It: Guy Sebastian's style is so fresh. After becoming the first winner of Australian Idol, he's recorded 8 top 10 albums, 2 of which have hit number 1. "Tonight Again" is a great track with just a touch of old school flare.


1. Il Volo-"Grande Amore"


Why We Picked It: One of the few songs in the contest sung in a language other than English, this track from Il Volo is hands down our favorite of the bunch. Having already made March's list of Our Top Italian Songs of the Moment, it's bold and dramatic and perfect in every way.

For more information on the Eurovision Song Contest and its contestants, go to www.eurovision.tv