Our Top 5 Italian Songs of the Moment-May

We've been loving the Italian music scene the past couple of months! There's something here for everyone, as our picks for this list range in style. We hope you enjoy our top 5 just as much as we do!

5. "Buon viaggio"-Cesare Cremonini

Why We Picked It: The lyrics of this song are inspiring and full of optimism. With a cheerful, carefree vibe, it tugs on our heartstrings and reminds us to live in the present.


4. "Oltre l'estasi"-Giovanni Caccamo

Why We Picked It: We're intrigued by the music of Giovanni Caccamo. He brings a fresh and updated sound to the Italian market, and we can't get enough of it. See our feature on him in our Rising Artist Spotlight as well.


3. "La nostra vita è oggi"-Lorenzo Fragola

Why We Picked It: Lorenzo Fragola, the winner of the 8th season of Italy's X Factor, is one of the best new talents to come out of Italy. Featured on his album 1995, we love the way the music and lyrics work together with Fragola's emotive and wise voice on this track.


2. "Perfetto"-Eros Ramazzotti

Why We Picked It: We like that "Perfetto" is definitively Eros, but with a twist. The title track, and one of our favorite songs, from his recently released album, we love the romantic lyrics as well.


1. "Canzone per te"-Il Volo

Why We Picked It: Featured on their EP Sanremo Grande Amore, Il Volo's version of this 1968 Sanremo winner is tremendously spectacular. Their voices soar on the track, joining together in impressive harmony that will knock the breath right out of you. And since it's so good, we also featured it on our list The Best of Il Volo.

The official music video for this song is not yet available in every country, but we've included it below for those of you who are able to access it.


Which Italian songs have you been listening to lately? Let us know in the comments below!