10 of Our Favorite Songs from Eros Ramazzotti

Inspired by Eros’s recent release Perfetto, here is a list of favorite songs from the extensive catalog of this accomplished Italian cantante. All of them are available in Spanish versions as well.


Why We Picked It: We don’t think that we need to translate the title for you. And indeed, everything about this track is “perfetto.” It sounds like pure joy, sunshine, and the best day ever. But that’s just us. See it on May’s list of our Top Italian Songs of the Moment.


“Parla con me”

Why We Picked It: Who doesn’t need someone to talk to every now and then? Released on Ali e radici (2009), this song just makes us feel good.


“Una tempesta di stelle”

Why We Picked It: Speaking to the love between a parent and child, "Una tempesta di stelle" is sweet and tender, opening with a baby’s cries. The title translates to “A storm of stars,” and fittingly so, as we wish we were under a sparkling, starry, crystal clear night sky every time we listen to it. The lyrics are gorgeously poetic set against the dreamy instrumentals, and they will remind you of all the beauty that the future holds.

Featured on Noi (2012)


“Non siamo soli” (feat. Ricky Martin)

Why We Picked It: This collab was featured on Eros’s e2 (2007), and we were immediately addicted. We love how so many of his songs, including this one, have a refreshingly positive message. By the way, can we acknowledge how fantastic Ricky Martin sounds singing in Italian? See it featured along with the Spanish version here.


“Se bastasse una canzone”

Why We Picked It: Sometimes the power of music is underrated. "Se bastasse una canzone" completely captivates us and it reminds us how important music is, as well as of the positive effect it can have on the world.

Originally released on In ogni senso (1990)


"Adesso tu"

Why We Picked It: “Adesso tu” is now basically an Italian pop classic. A Sanremo winner in 1986, the song has been covered by quite a few artists, but none of those other versions come close to the original.

Originally released on Nuovi eroi (1986)

Check out this live version



Why We Picked It: Produced by Wyclef Jean, this song about dreaming and not letting go of those dreams is moving and inspiring. The original is more of a ballad, and we like it, but this remix featured on e2 has an awesome beat and it’s AMAZING.


"Così" (with Il Volo)

Why We Picked It: Gold was struck with this collaboration from Noi. Also featured on Il Volo’s 2012 album We Are Love, this grand production brings out the best of the voices of each of its four singers and is a perfect combination of classic and modern. See it on our Best of Il Volo list as well.


"Dove c’è musica"

Why We Picked It: A list of the best songs from Eros Ramazzotti would not be complete without "Dove c’è musica." In fact, it's one of his biggest hits. Released on the top selling album of the same name, it's a song that reminds us how amazing music is and that a world without it would be way too boring.

Check out this live version


"Più bella cosa"

Why We Picked It: This track from Dove c’è musica is classic Eros, which to us is that bright, distinct sound that stirs the imagination and lifts the spirit. And how could we not love a song where the speaker thanks its subject just for existing? How sweet is that?


There are so many reasons why we love Eros’s music. With a career spanning 30 years, his sound and style is clearly standing the test of time.

Let us know your favorites from Eros Ramazzotti in the comments below!