10 Songs from Venezuela You Need on Your Summer Playlist

We are constantly enthralled by the amazing music that is coming to us from Venezuela, so much so that we had to devote an entire list to it! Although we love listening to these songs year round, we think they make the perfect summer playlist!


10. “Sobrenatural”-La Melodia Perfecta

Why We Picked It: If we had to choose one word to describe “Sobrenatural” it would be sweet. Starting out as a trio, up-and-coming young singers Gio and Gabo, better known as La Melodia Perfecta, have been on the scene for a few years, but “Sobrenatural” is their first single as a duo.


9. “Rumba Hoy”-Gustavo Elis

Why We Picked It: After duo Gustavo & Rein split up, both Gustavo Elis and Sixto Rein have been building solo careers. “Rumba Hoy,” Gustavo’s single released in April, was produced by Luny Tunes and is a great dance track.


8. “Única (Number One)”-Victor Drija

Why We Picked It: This easy-to-listen-to track is smooth and charming, perfect for just chilling out.


7. “Fiesta”-Mauro y Jota

Why We Picked It: Written by Mauro and produced by Neo Nazza, this upbeat, danceable track from duo Mauro y Jota is “fiesta” ready. See it featured on our Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment-June.


6. “Como Yo Te Quiero”-El Potro & Yandel

Why We Picked It: With a catchy chorus and awesome beat, this hit from former MLB player Antonio Álvarez (El Potro) and Yandel is vibrant and compelling. See it featured on our Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment-May.


5. “Tumbayé”-Oscarcito

Why We Picked It: You will get addicted to this song without a doubt. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. And did we mention how much we love the theatrical music video? A huge hit last year, “Tumbayé” is a song we will be listening to for years to come.


4. “Vive La Vida”-Sixto Rein ft. Chino & Nacho

Why We Picked It: This killer collab between Sixto Rein, of the former duo Gustavo & Rein, and explosive duo Chino & Nacho is the perfect summer party anthem.


3. “Solo Contigo”-Omar Acedo

Why We Picked It: A huge hit in Venezuela, “Solo Contigo” has an awesome sound that puts us in such a good mood when we listen to it.


2. “Mi Novia y Yo”-Tico & Javi

Why We Picked It: Written by Nacho of Chino & Nacho and produced by mega hit creator Jhon Paul “El Increíble," this single from the new duo Tico & Javi was released last year. It will always be on our playlist, no matter the season.

Look out for Tico & Javi’s new single, set to release soon. We can’t see what’s coming next from this talented duo.


1. “Me Voy Enamorando (Remix)”-Chino & Nacho ft. Farruko

Why We Picked It: “Me Voy Enamorando” has quickly become one of Chino & Nacho’s biggest hits. A joyful and affectionate track, the heartwarming video that goes along with it has received 40 million views on YouTube in the month since its release. See it on our list Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment-April.