The Power of Music and Il Volo

The power of music is truly amazing. It’s one of the things that drives us here at Musical Notes Global and one of the many reasons why we started this blog. There is no better example of the profound effect of music than the phenomenon that is Il Volo.

Over their 6-year career, Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto have experienced extraordinary success, selling countless albums and gaining loving fans from all over the world. During 2015 alone, their career has reached fascinating new heights. In February, they won the Italian music festival of Sanremo, which led to their entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, and they released a beautiful and extremely successful EP, Sanremo Grande Amore (check out our review here). September brings the release of their long-awaited third studio album, sure to be an overwhelming hit and award-winner.



Many of you reading this are already very familiar with this fantastic Italian trio that creates music that penetrates the souls of all who listen. But referring to Il Volo as just a “group” or “trio” is a glaring understatement.

Il Volo is a movement.

The impact of Il Volo on the world is like something of magic. These guys have changed the lives of many, their passion for music exuding from their hearts into the hearts of their fans, fortifying each song they sing.

They have brought joy and peace to numerous listeners around the world, and they are loved not only for their stunning voices, which are only enhanced by their humility, but they are truly beloved for who they are as individuals. With larger-than-life personalities, overwhelming honesty, and an awe-inspiring love for music and life, it is more than obvious that they put all they are and all they want to be into everything they do.

Sparked by the pure passion and joy Il Volo transmits through their music, fans from all over the world have been united in an indestructible bond of love, a bond of #GrandeAmore. It comes as no surprise as to why there is an abundance of amazing fan clubs and groups that support them.

As we found out through a survey on Twitter (thank you to all those who answered…you know who you are!), ask any fan why they love Il Volo and you will get numerous varied responses.

It was our IlVolover friends who inspired us to write this post, so we must give a big THANK YOU to all of those who have been following our blog and supporting the guys of Il Volo. We decided to ask them to tell us why they love Il Volo and we absolutely loved reading all of the responses we got. Again, we must give thanks to all of those who offered their thoughts. Below is a list of reasons summarizing why Il Volo’s fans (including us) love them, and why you should be a fan if you’re not already!:

  1. Their voices are breathtaking, unique, and magical, especially when combined in harmony
  2. Their music touches the heart, revives the soul, and lifts the spirits
  3. They are reviving the “bel canto”
  4. Their personalities are perfect-they are funny and kind, care about each other as if they were brothers, and adore their fans as much as they are adored by them
  5. Their songs are “the best around the world” and can be listened to anywhere, anytime—at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, or to get a party going
  6. After the wonderful success they have experienced over the course of their 6-year career, they are still humble and appreciative of what they have achieved

Music unites, empowers, strengthens, and gives hope to all who seek its shelter, and Il Volo has succeeded in filling a musical void in the world that so desperately needed to be filled.

We hope Il Volo experiences much more success on their musical journey, and we can't wait to hear what they have in store for us!

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So why do you love Il Volo? Let us know in the comments below!