Our Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment-August

It's that time again! We're very excited about the songs we've included on this month's list of our favorite Latin songs of the moment. We hope you enjoy them too.

5. "Tu Calor"-Julieta Venegas

Why We Picked It: Almost ethereal, Julieta Venegas's style is simultaneously raw and honest. "Tu Calor" is featured on her recently released album Algo Sucede.


4. “Me Siento Sola”-Alessandra Amoroso ft. Mario Domm

Why We Picked It: We were super excited when we heard that Alessandra Amoroso, one of our favorite Italian singers, is crossing over into the Latin market. This song was written for her by Mario Domm, of Mexican pop/rock band Camila. While it definitely has Domm’s style stamped on it, it also incorporates Ale’s unique style as well.

Alessandra Amoroso's debut Spanish-language album will be released on September 18.


3. “Ecos de Amor”-Jesse & Joy

Why We Picked It: Just released last week, the latest song from the incredibly talented brother/sister duo Jesse & Joy is a knockout. Even the lyric video is gorgeous. It's sure to quickly rise up the charts.


2. “El Perfume”-Fanny Lu

Why We Picked It: After a 3-year break, Fanny Lu is making a comeback in a big way with "El Perfume." This track is dynamite but tender at the same time, and it will surely reignite her career. Check out the lyric video below.


1. “La Tierra del Olvido”-Carlos Vives

Why We Picked It: Wow! We can't get enough of this beautiful tribute to Colombia from Carlos Vives. A remake of his classic song, originally released on the 1995 album of the same name, the track features fellow Colombian artists Fanny Lu, Maluma, Fonseca, and more. Get a glimpse of the breathtaking scenic landscape of Colombia in the video below.

What have you been listening to? Are you loving these songs just as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below!