Tico y Javi: Los Gemelos de Venezuela

Tico y Javi

We love musical duos here at Musical Notes Global. One of our absolute favorite duos right now is Tico y Javi. Hailing from Venezuela, they are bringing their unique sound to the world of música latina. Although they have a long and rich history in the music industry, it was just last year that they became a duo and quickly proved that they have a very bright future ahead of them.

Tico y Javi’s musical career began when they were just 7 years old. By the time they were 13, they were participating in various orquestas such as Pasión Infantil, Sinfonía Salsera, and El Klan de Porfi Baloa. More recently, they served as backup singers for another well-known Venezuelan duo, Los Cadillacs.

Along with the support of Los Cadillacs, Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as “Nacho” of the duo Chino y Nacho, also famously from Venezuela, has been instrumental in Tico y Javi’s success. In collaboration with mega producer Jhon Paul “El Increíble” (producer of Chino y Nacho’s “El Poeta”), they have created an infectious rhythm that is definitively “Tico y Javi,” heard in their first two singles as an upbeat, romantic style of merengue urbano.

We could only imagine what it might be like to work alongside musical giants like Nacho and Jhon Paul, so we asked the duo to tell us about their experience:

"Both are tremendous professionals in the music industry. From Nacho, we learned discipline and to fight to achieve what we want so much. From Jhon Paul, an incredible creativity, loving what you do, and thanking God every day for being alive and for being able to do what we love. It really was a unique experience and we are sure to keep working together in our future musical productions."

Their debut single "Mi Novia y Yo" immediately caught our attention. Written by Nacho and produced by Jhon Paul, in just 8 weeks the track hit #4 on the Billboard Latin Tropical Airplay chart in December of last year. At the time, the top five included Romeo Santos, Victor Manuelle, Marc Anthony, and Juan Luis Guerra. What fantastic company for any artist to be in!

After hearing “Mi Novia y Yo,” we couldn’t wait to hear what else they had in store for us. “Te Voy a Querer” is their latest single, released this July, and is available now on SoundCloud and YouTube.

The song was written by Freddy Alvarez, a composer from the Venezuelan city of Puerto La Cruz, in collaboration with Nacho, Carlos Rangel, Jhon Paul, and Tico y Javi themselves, who told us, it is “a little love story, where a man, in love, tries to express to his ideal woman everything he feels for her and what is beautiful about their love.” Available in both merengue and bachata versions via SoundCloud, they “hope that it pleases everyone that follows our music.”

Their upcoming promotional tour will include their native Venezuela, starting in October, and a tour through the U.S., Ecuador, and Panama at the end of the year.

The official music video for “Te Voy a Querer” is scheduled to premiere September 28. Directed by Nuno Gomes, whose most recent success comes in the form of Chino y Nacho’s viral music video “Me Voy Enamorando,” it is sure to please. Until then, have a behind the scenes look at the making of the music video here.

We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to talk to Tico y Javi about their career and latest projects. Since we always love to know what others are listening to, we thought we’d ask them a few questions about what they are listening to. Here’s a little glimpse into their taste in music.

Tico y Javi

MNGBlog: Which singers influence you?

Tico y Javi: Luis Miguel, Michael Jackson, Marc Anthony, Oscar de León, Hector Lavoe, Frank Sinatra, and more

MNGBlog: If you could pick one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tico: “El Medley Romances” en Vivo-Luis Miguel

Javi: “Only You”-The Platters

MNGBlog: Which songs do you have on your iPods right now?

Tico y Javi: There are so many, but we really love all kinds of music. Music is an incredible form of communication...It brings you to places that only you can go to. In general, we really like pop, balada, house, electronic, salsa, merengue, reggaeton, reggae, and other genres. Our iPods hold a variety of music.

We wish Tico y Javi much success in their career, and we can't wait to hear what their debut album will bring. For all the latest news:

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