Our Top 5 Italian Songs of the Moment-October

September was an excellent month in Italian music, and October is proving to be the same. Here are just five of our many picks of the moment from Italy, in no particular order. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

"Pieno di vita"-Jovanotti

Why We Picked It: Translating to "Full of Life," the always consistent Jovanotti delivers again with beautiful lyrics and a beautiful melody.


"Sotto lo stesso cielo"-Clementino ft. Lucio Dalla

Why We Picked It: Included on the recently released album Bella Lucio! in tribute to the late Lucio Dalla, this track was inspired by the classic "Caruso" and features fresh lyrics from the Neapolitan rapper of "Cos Cos Cos" fame.


"21 Grammi"-Fedez

Why We Picked It: We're loving this new track from Milanese rapper Fedez. The song shares its title with the 2003 American film, a reference to the weight of the soul when it leaves the body after death. "21 Grammi" is a song in which Fedez leaves a piece of his own heart, giving his listeners a look inside who he is. It is featured on the special edition repackage of his 3X platinum 2014 album Pop-Hoolista--Pop-Hoolista CosoDipinto Edition--released October 9.


"Lato destro del cuore"-Laura Pausini

Why We Picked It: Laura Pausini will always, always be one of our most favorite singers from Italy. "Lato destro del cuore" (Spanish: "Lado Derecho Del Corazón) is the first single from her upcoming album Simili (Spanish: Similares), which will be released on November 6. Each song on the album will be accompanied by a music video.


"Caruso"-Il Volo

Why We Picked It: We're not done praising Il Volo's rendition of "Caruso." Reviving it with exciting passion, the trio has been performing this song live for years, but they have only just recorded it in studio for their recent release Grande Amore (International Version).

See "Caruso" featured on our review of Il Volo's new album Grande Amore (International Version), as well as on our list "The Best of Il Volo"



"Sunny Day"-Leiner

Why We Picked It: Leiner was a contestant on the eighth edition of X Factor Italia and was mentored by rapper Fedez. We discovered this "sunny" hit, sung in English, through Lorenzo Fragola's Instagram and we are so glad we did! It certainly brightens our day.