Dark Sky Island is Enya's 1st Album Since 2008

On November 20, Grammy Award-winning Irish singer-songwriter Enya released her first studio album since 2008. As the follow-up to the Christmas-themed And Winter Came, Dark Sky Island is a collection of 11 songs (14 on the Deluxe Version) based on the theme of journeys and distance. Produced alongside Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan, it took three years to complete.

"Echoes In Rain," featured below, was the last song to be completed and the first single released from the album.

Track List-Deluxe Version

  1. "The Humming..."
  2. "So I Could Find My Way"
  3. "Even in the Shadows"
  4. "The Forge of the Angels
  5. "Echoes In Rain"
  6. "I Could Never Say Goodbye"
  7. "Dark Sky Island"
  8. "Sancta Maria"
  9. "Astra Et Luna"
  10. "The Loxian Gate"
  11. "Diamonds on the Water"
  12. "Solace"
  13. "Pale Grass Blue"
  14. "Remember Your Smile"