Sanremo Participants to Release New Albums in February

Sanremo 2016 participants Dear Jack and Giovanni Caccamo will be releasing new albums on February 12th, the fourth day of the renown music festival.

The band Dear Jack, which was formed in 2013 on the Italian talent show Amici, were contestants last year in the Big Artist category with the song "Il mondo esplode tranne on," but the category was won by the outstanding trio Il Volo ("Grande amore"), who have experienced an astronomical amount of success in the year following their victory. Dear Jack will return to Sanremo once again this year with the song "Mezzo respiro," the title of which was revealed to be the name of their new album. In an announcement via social media, the band stated that the songs included on Mezzo respiro are "rich in color, in music, and in optimism." We are very much looking forward to hearing them!

Caccamo, on the other hand, won the Newcomers' category last year with the song "Ritornerò da te," a song we love so much that we still cannot get over it a year later! This year he will present in the Big Artist category with the song "Via da qui" alongside 24-year-old Deborah Iurato.

Caccamo recently announced that his new album will be titled "Non siamo soli," named for "one of the most significant songs of the project." If it's anything like his first, Qui per te, we know it's going to deliver all the quality and innovation that we have learned to automatically associate with the 25-year-old artist. We can't wait!

Sanremo runs for 5 days starting February 9th.