If You Love Pop Punk You Have to Check Out Talk Show Host's New EP

"Two recovering punks and an indie rocker walk into a bar."

That's Toronto-based punk band Talk Show Host's super cool tagline. Having just dropped their sophomore EP, the three-member band is pleasing audiences throughout Canada with their energetic 90s vibes.

Comprised of former Hey Mister members Fab and Chris and friend Sean, the trio has been playing together as Talk Show Host since January 2015. Now finding themselves united by their shared appreciation for 90s pop rock, they said "We filter everything through a weird haze of Weezer, Green Day, obscure math rock and early 2000-era Fat Wreck Chords."

Image Credit: Harley Haskett

Image Credit: Harley Haskett

Recently released digitally, their latest EP Perfectly Competent is vibrant and dynamic. Chris, the band's guitarist, explained: "The EP is kind of a statement of intent, to show off our range a little more. The last EP, Disunion Tour, started with a slow song, and we learned our lesson that time around, because I don't think many people bothered to listen past the first few bars (even though they are pretty awesome, I might humbly add). With Perfectly Competent we knew we had to rip it right out of the gate and I think we ended up doing that throughout."

Perfectly Competent was released on French label Diskrete Music. The band recorded and produced the EP themselves then sent it to be mixed by Olive at Electrik Box Studios in Lille, France. Fun fact: "One of the songs is about a sad, lonely alien," Chris said, "but no one has ever picked up on that despite some super obvious lyrics, so, for me, that's a huge win."

MNGBlog recommends both "I Don't Wanna Go to the Library" and "Lost and Found" as must-listen tracks, while Chris pointed out that "Franklin" is his current favorite. "We recorded that in our practice with half a dozen other bands blasting through the walls, and it still sounds massive," he said.

Although the band does not yet have plans to tour the U.S., they are preparing to tour Europe in May 2017. For all of Talk Show Host's latest news and updates, follow them on social media:

Facebook: Talk Show Host

Get the EP on digital music platforms like iTunes and Spotify.