New Latin Sensation Elise Talks "1 800 AMOR" with MNGBlog

Have you heard about Elise? She's the girl that superstar producer Maffio is taking under his wing, and she's the next sensation in Latin pop that you need to know about.

Fresh off the release of her debut single "1 800 AMOR," Musical Notes Global talked to the young singer about working with Maffio, her hopes for the future, and the story behind the song.

Elise's interest in music began at an early age. "I was always singing and writing songs," she explained. "My earliest memory was when I was little my Dad asked me 'When we get our car we can start driving you to lessons; would you want dance lessons or singing lessons?' And with the biggest smile on my face I said 'Classes de canto!!' Singing lessons!"

Singing clearly turned out to be the right route for her to take and she eventually caught the attention of Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio at a private event. Maffio, who has produced a slew of hits in Latin music, including Farruko & Kymani Marley's "Chillax," loved Elise's music when she showed him some of her YouTube videos. “I was so happy,” she said. “He is an amazing person and very humble. It is such an amazing experience working and learning from him. I aspire to be like him, in the sense that he is such a big name but yet he has the biggest heart. So we got together and started having studio sessions. He has helped me to find my musical style, and to channel my feelings through music. We've made some amazing records together, which makes me so proud and happy to show everyone my first single '1 800 AMOR' which was produced by him, of course!"

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In three words, Elise describes her musical style as pop, fun, and attitude, and "1 800 AMOR" certainly fits that description. Joining her on the track is Jamaican reggae artist Red Rat. Although the song is geared toward teenagers and young adults, don't let that stop you from enjoying it if you aren't one. It will have you bopping to its dreamy radio-ready beat in no time, we promise!

Elise revealed the story behind her debut single to Musical Notes Global: "When you know that someone likes you, but sometimes you have to take control and take that first step. So in the song I am asking the guy I like to give me a call and not be afraid to tell me his feelings. It's just a fun song with a lot of attitude." Check out the freshly released lyric video below.

You won't be able to get "1 800 AMOR" out of your head, and if that's any indicator, Elise's debut album is sure to be a lot of fun, but is also sure to impress. "The album is done," she said. "We're just working on the finishing touches. I have a great feeling that the listeners will truly enjoy my music. Right now we are focused on releasing a couple of singles, and then will release the album."

She hopes to one day collaborate with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including Marc Anthony, Farruko, Jencarlos Canela, and Nicky Jam. Taking a look at her Instagram, it looks like those goals will certainly be achievable.

MNGBlog sees a very bright future ahead for Elise. And in case you're wondering about upcoming shows: "There are so many plans in the works, but nothing I can share at this moment," she said. "All I can say is that hopefully you will be seeing me everywhere!! I'm super excited for the future." Elise, we hope your dream of performing at Madison Square Garden comes true!

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