Natalia Jiménez Releases New Album Homenaje a la Gran Señora

MNGBlog favorite Natalia Jiménez is paying tribute to the late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera in a big way with her brand new solo album Homenaje a la Gran Señora.

Rivera, affectionately known as "La Diva de la Banda," tragically died in a plane crash four years ago. She was a shining star in the male-dominated genre of Regional Mexican music, garnering multiple awards, including Billboard Latin Music and Premio Lo Nuestro awards.

About the project, Jenni's daughter Chiquis Rivera, who duets with Natalia on "Ovarios," said: "It’s something very special. It's really an honor. My mom was very close to Natalia, and we’re also fans of her music and her voice. My mother is still alive through her music, and especially with a woman like Natalia Jiménez. My respects. For me, it was an honor, and it’s still an honor. The truth is that [fans] are going to really like this album…I really love what they did with the songs."

Pepe Garza, the album's producer, stated: "This project will certainly help to internationalize Regional Mexican music, because there are great contemporary songwriters that are unknown in many parts of Spain and Latin America. I’m very proud to know that the Regional Mexican music and Jenni Rivera’s legacy can be remembered in the beautiful and unique voice of Natalia Jiménez."

With Homenaje, released December 9, Natalia puts her signature spin on 12 of Jenni's hit songs, infusing them with her own signature pop style while beautifully maintaining the integrity of the originals. "I think that with this record, my fans will rediscover the legacy of Jenni, of that strong, brave and fearless woman," Jiménez said. "I hope that Jenni’s fans will receive this record with a lot of affection, because I put all my heart into it. They can see that Jenni’s music is universal and can be performed in different styles.”

Homenaje a la Gran Señora follows Natalia's 2015 album Creo en Mí as her third solo album.