Social Media Influencer Lynn Ponder Creates #BeNumberless Online Movement

If you don't know who Lynn Ponder is, now is the time to get acquainted with her.

A fearless entrepreneur, Ponder is setting out to change the lives of women everywhere with her innovative "BeNumberless movement (#SerSinNumero en español), an initiative intended to alter the perception of age in today's world, specifically as it relates to women.

But before we dive into this revolution, let's take a look at the story behind its creation.

Now an award-winning influencer who shares her positive light and infectious energy with her followers on a daily basis (who doesn't love her videos filled with good wishes for an amazing day?!?), Lynn left her career as owner of a commercial production company and as an advertising Executive Producer to transition into the digital world. Although she leapt into Twitter in 2009, determinedly conquering it with confidence, one might say that 2008 was the beginning of her majestic reincarnation, the year she recognized that making the move out of traditional marketing was necessary. She told MNGBlog: "I realized that if I did not transition into the digital space, I would become a dinosaur and become obsolete." And so, as social media rapidly developed into the new wave of marketing, she harnessed its power and used it to her advantage. Over the next few years, armored with extensive experience working domestically and internationally with Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, McDonald's, GM, and Coca-Cola, Lynn proceeded to grow her personal brand and begin a new one: the Miami-based webcitygirls//.

Launching webcitygirls// ( was a huge career step for Ponder because it won her the recognition of being the first multicultural digital report to approach red carpet events from a social media point of view, creating shareable, fun, positive content on the most popular platforms. She is now most recognized by her dazzling pink signature style wherever there is a red carpet award show.

Not only is webcitygirls// setting trends online while discussing topics such as celebrities, entertainment, and lifestyle, but it is also a social media public relations platform that promotes causes and creates events. As a top Latina social media influencer, Lynn in leveraging her brand to fuel her own cause and share it with women around the world.

The #BeNumberless movement takes all of Ponder’s life experiences and combines them into a force to fight a disease that has plagued us for far too long. In her own words, the #BeNumberless lifestyle concept is “inspired by my own challenges and experiences while trying to be relevant in a space lead by young millenials and maintaining a positive mindset." All of the struggles and challenges, the positive and negative, the good and the bad, fortify the movement with more than enough strength to stop society from dictating what women can do based on their age. “Our society and culture has made us believe that age is a life sentence with limitations after you reach a certain number,” she said.

Maria Marin and Lynn Ponder at pink carpet event for #BeNumberless launch

Maria Marin and Lynn Ponder at pink carpet event for #BeNumberless launch

Yet Lynn is a glowing testament to the fact that the relevance of age in today's society is slowly diminishing. Reinventing herself through social media has allowed her to "be numberless" and, rather than being judged for her age, she is being accepted for her accomplishments and for who she is as a human being.

This has become a goal for the movement in the lives of other women, who she hopes to inspire with her own story. "My will of never giving up made me unstoppable through a journey of reinvention in the digital space (started in 2008) from old school traditional media maven to one of the most awarded Latina social media influencers in 2015,” she said.

As the years pass, the percentage of our lives that is dominated by social media grows, and it's amazing to witness the adaptation of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and now Snapchat, in helping to create an openness and build awareness around issues that need to be resolved, issues that may not have been discussed 10 or 15 years ago. 

#BeNumberless was launched in April 2016 with a unique social media campaign based on the reveal of a secret. Using hashtag #webcitygirlsSECRET, Lynn built anticipation for the reveal, teasing followers each day for three weeks with short videos from celebrities and influencers wanting to know what the secret was. She finally divulged her secret--the groundbreaking movement--in an exclusive interview with Venezuelan actress and influencer Gaby Espino, which was broadcast live on April 7 via Espino's Facebook Live account. (Video below is in Spanish).

Lynn Ponder with Gaby Espino launching #BeNumberless live

Lynn Ponder with Gaby Espino launching #BeNumberless live

Immediately after the launch, celebrities--including TV host/actress Chiqui Delgado and major music superstars like MNGBlog favorites Chino y Nacho and J Balvin--started joining Lynn in encouraging women to defy stereotypes associated with age.

Lynn Ponder and one of her Pink Girls with Venezuelan duo Chino & Nacho supporting #SerSinNumero #BeNumberless movement

Lynn Ponder and one of her Pink Girls with Venezuelan duo Chino & Nacho supporting #SerSinNumero #BeNumberless movement

In today's social media-driven world, Lynn's goals for #BeNumberless are not unattainable. In fact, they are perhaps more attainable than ever. She told MNGBlog that she hopes "First and foremost that women feel liberated and unstoppable because they are telling the world thy are not to be defined by a number age." It absolutely goes without question that this movement will empower generations of women to pursue their dreams.

Ponder also aspires to extend her influence and take the movement to a national, and better yet international, stage. "I would love [it] to become global and have a true impact in the way society and the media view that number age," she said. "It's just a number. I would like the media to focus on the human being attitude, energy, talent, and contribution to this world. To drop the importance of the number which over and over limits women at all ages."

As she mentioned, it is glaringly obvious on a daily basis that women are highly criticized in the media for trivial matters, including age and what we are allowed to do based on that number. She said "I would love for women to be respected by the media and the world no matter what the age and are given the opportunities in the corporate and entertainment industry based on talent and trajectory/experience, not subject to a number age."

Lynn shared her motto with MNGBlog and we couldn't think of a better way to live. "The more society limits me," she said, "the more it gives me the hope and the strength to reach new opportunities and seek new dreams." She hopes that more women can do the same and invites you to submit your stories of how you are living according to #BeNumberless, which will be shared in the new Girls Share/Chicas Comparten section of

#BeNumberless was recently featured in Huffington Post. Read the article here.

Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #BeNumberless. Use it in situations such as the following:

-You are doing something "despite" your age

-You are too old to date that guy

-You are behaving like a teenager

-You are too old to be dressed that way

-You are too old for that job

-You are not behaving according to your age

Are you living numberless? Leave your comments below or connect on our social channels. And don't forget to submit your #BeNumberless story for publication on! You can read my personal thoughts on the movement here.

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