Watch the 4th Round of La Voz Kids Blind Auditions This Sunday Night

MNGBlog has been watching the fourth season of La Voz Kids and loving every minute of it!

Hosted by Jorge Bernal and Patricia Manterola, it is the second season that features Daddy Yankee, Natalia Jiménez, and Pedro Fernandez together as the three coaches. They're perfect, aren't they?



While all three teams are accumulating some amazing contestants, it's still too early to say who will come out on top. But Jiménez was the winning coach last year with Jonael Santiago...Let's see if she can do it again!

Things get more exciting this season with the introduction of the Wild Card, allowing fans to save his or her favorite contestant during the Battles phase. Visit the official website for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage before and after each show.

And just because you're not a Spanish speaker doesn't mean you can't watch the show. Music is a universal language, isn't it? Enjoy the performances by these extremely courageous 7-15-year-olds, who all share their stories and inspirations with us while taking the next steps in achieving their dreams. 

The fourth round of the blind auditions takes place this Sunday night at 8 PM EST on Telemundo.

Here's one of the best auditions so far. What do you think? Comment below!