What's Your Pick Wednesday: "I'll Be That Friend" Jodie Abacus

It's What's Your Pick Wednesday with MNGBlog!

This week's pick is an uplifting one from London-born Jodie Abacus that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The soul-pop singer-songwriter penned "I'll Be That Friend," a funky feel-good ode to friendship, during one of the lowest points in his life: he was broke from chasing a career in music, almost died from pneumonia, and went through a bad break-up.

After overcoming those tremendous obstacles, Abacus's dreams are finally coming to pass. Thanks in large part to its positive theme, "I'll Be That Friend" is really taking off. He even had the opportunity to film the official music video, which was inspired by the viral YouTube video by Shea Glover, "People React to Being Called Beautiful," in Los Angeles. Abacus collaborated with Glover and director Ethan Lader (Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige, Cee-Lo Green) to create the video.

"I'll Be That Friend" will be on MNGBlog's playlist all summer long. Find it on For Real Life and Not Pretend EP.

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