"Foglie al gelo" is the New Song from Italy's Francesco Gabbani

2016 proved to be a big year for Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Gabbani, winner of Sanremo's New Artist category.

Following the success of "Amen" and the release of his album Eternamente ora, Gabbani was asked by director Fausto Brizzi to assemble the soundtrack for his new film Poveri ma ricchi (December 2016), a comedy that tells the story of a family who has won 100 million dollars and the lessons they learn after receiving it.

The instrumental themes in the movie, as well as the main single from the soundtrack, "Foglie al gelo, were entirely written and composed by Gabbani, who will compete for the first time in Sanremo's Big Artist category this February with the song "Occidentali's karma." The soundtrack also features his winning song "Amen," Al Bano & Romina Power's hit "Felicità," and a new song from the pop group Ricchi e Poveri.

Filmed in the Apuan Alps (Tuscany), the official music video for "Foglie al gelo" also features images from Poveri ma ricchi. "In the video, which alternates images of the film with the sung part of the song, I wanted to counterpose two worlds: the one, in fact, illustrated in the film and that of nature. Campocecina represents origins, but not only mine. Apart from being a very beautiful location, it's also a place almost completely uncontaminated, reminiscent of how many beautiful things nature can do, if we let it free to express itself fully," Gabbani stated in a Facebook post. "Therefore I liked the idea of alternating the two worlds: the more complex one of city life, illustrated in the movie, and the more tranquil and relaxing one evoked by the setting over the Apuan Alps." 

Watch the video below.