ICYMI: "Fossils" is the New Single from Marlon Chaplin

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Marlon Chaplin got his start in the pop/rock band Broken Bricks, but now he's setting out to build a solo career and has already gained press around the world.

Image Courtesy Möbius Artist Management

Image Courtesy Möbius Artist Management

Not one to box himself into any one category or genre, however, the magic of Chaplin most obviously lies in his songwriting ability. This talent especially shines through on his newest single "Fossils."

“Your wall of memories on clothes line,
Hangs in shadows and recedes,
Fossils buried in the flatlands,
Who’s next to dig it up for me?”
- Marlon Chaplin “Fossils”

"Fossils"'s lyrics, in conjunction with its organic yet voluminous sound, will transport you to another time and place. Produced by Chaplin along with Ewan Kay (Austra, Moon King), the psychedelic folk song serves as the follow up single to his October release "Annabelle + Someone." Whereas its predecessor is about "giving for the wrong reasons," Chaplin explained, "Fossils" talks about not knowing how to receive. "It's its companion piece for a reason," he continued. "It's the other side of the coin."

"Fossils" will be on the B side of a 45, which is set to release early this year. The track is available for purchase now via CD Baby, iTunes, and Google Play.


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