5 Reasons Why We Love Gigi Rowe (And Why You Will Too)


Musical Notes Global instantly fell in love with pop starlet Gigi Rowe's retro-glam style and has covered many of her latest hits.

Based in Miami, the dazzling singer and songwriter is now getting ready to release her new EP Stardust Motel on October 27, and it promises to be just as sparkly and shiny as she is.

We don't know about you, but we're super excited to hear what Gigi has in store for us. While we wait, here are five reasons why we love her, and why you will too.

1. Her incredible sense of style

From her bold wigs to her heart-shaped sunglasses, we love how Gigi dresses from her head all the way down to her toes.


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2. The way her music makes you get up and dance

Channeling iconic female pop artists like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, Gigi's music is infectious and uplifting. Her latest track "Got That" is a pure feel-good banger and is even featured on the soundtrack for the next installment in the best-selling dance video game franchise of all time, Ubisoft's Just Dance 2018. Listen to "Got That" here.


3. Her Instagram aesthetic

Vibrant, colorful, and free-spirited are all words that describe Gigi Rowe's Instagram posts. Whether she's sharing behind the scenes footage or a shot of her view while driving around Miami on a sunny day, we love that she takes us along for the ride. Be sure to follow her @hellogigirowe.


4. The way she loves her fans

Gigi effortlessly radiates sun rays of positive energy, and her fans love her for it. You'll always see her sharing art, videos, and covers made by them, or her #GigiPops as she affectionately calls them.


5. Her live performances

Gigi's live performances are just as spectacular as her music videos and she's brought her shimmering fabulosity to stages all over the world from the famed Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival to Rock In Rio in Brazil. Not to mention she absolutely slays when she goes acoustic. Watch the proof below.


Now we want to know: Why do you love Gigi Rowe? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to look out for Stardust Motel on Friday, October 27.

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