Get to Know Me: Titus Makin

PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Morgan

PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Morgan

Titus Makin is definitely an artist to watch.

This actor and singer from Sierra Vista, Arizona has previously appeared on Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and Pretty Little Liars, and is currently playing a role on the Hulu original series The Path—and he's doing it all while building his music career.

Makin's latest single "Ropes" is a soul-infused, all-around feel-good pop jam that is powerful, magical, and upbeat at the same time. "Ropes is about the constant war we have with ourselves every single day!" he said about the track. "When we want to do good but evil is always present with us. The inward battle of trying to rid yourself of old harmful habits and cling to the healthy. Keeping your connection to God & not turning away trying to fulfill your own selfish desires."

Musical Notes Global had the opportunity to get to know Titus better through this fun questionnaire in which he reveals why he loves his fans, who he admires in the music industry, and more. Check out his answers below!

My favorite memory from filming the "Ropes" music video was: I genuinely enjoyed so much about the filming process of Ropes, but it felt like a really cool rockstar moment to have my own back up dancers jamming behind me (Melanie & Miranda Wilking). It brought such a new fun energy to performing the song!

I love performing live because there is an energy that you get from the audience that fuels you! And it’s really some of the first times that you can really here a response to your music & tell which songs are being received the best.

I love my fans because they are so supportive, loving, & accepting of who I am & what I have to offer!

The first album I bought was Usher 8701 (it was my best friend)

My go-to song at the gym is “Feelings” by Maroon 5, because the drive of the melody is so infectious it keeps your energy up.

The person I admire most in the business is Lenny Kravitz because he was really able to go a direction with his music & fashion that not many people were doing at the time especially as an African American artist.

My hidden talent is: I can walk in my hands as long as I want it as long as my head will let me before passing out. Lol. I also make really good salmon. 

Look out for Titus Makin's new single "Good Love," which is scheduled for release on November 14, and for all of his latest news and updates, follow him on social media:

Instagram: @titusmakinmusic

Twitter: @titusmakin