My Playlist: Septacy

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Progressive rock band Septacy has performed with the likes of Strawberry Girls and A Lot Like Birds, and they show no signs of stopping.

The Oakland-based five piece creates their authentic and unique sound by blending a wide variety of styles, including Latin-inspired jazz and hardcore punk. Chaotic yet melodious, this genre-defying sound can be heard throughout their 14-track debut album Bookends.

Today Septacy shares a playlist of some of their favorites exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Here are their thoughts:

"Loud shows, late nights, camaraderie, lack of money, creative fulfillment and ever-gnawing self-doubt are all well documented and cliché aspects of being a gigging musician at this point. One often-overlooked benefits of being involved in music, particularly in a large market like L.A., Nashville, New York, or Austin, is the ever-present opportunity to meet amazing musicians doing great work simply by being a part of the same geographical scene.

"We in Septacy are honoured to not only have had the opportunity to hear and meet these bands, but to share stages with them and, more often than not, call them our friends. From the early influence and inspiration of bands like The Matches, I The Mighty, and Fighting The Villain, to the amazing times had playing shows and spending time with bands like Shoot The Mariner, Sin Silver and the Avenue, Curious Quail, The Y Axes and more, the people are what make a scene great.

"So here's our way-too-short list of Bay Area bands that we in Septacy think are pretty bad-ass.


Septacy's keyboardist Ricky Marasigan recently wrote a guest blog for Musical Notes Global about how to create a fantastic music video on a budget. Check it out here.

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