Get to Know Us: Silence The Radio

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Based in Rhode Island, pop punk band Silence The Radio has made a solid name for themselves over the past few years touring the Providence and Massachusetts area.

Comprising Jack Petit (vocals, bass), Brandon Teh (guitar, vocals), Thom O'Rourke (guitar, vocals), and Josh Nardine (drums, percussion), the band just released their latest single "Friendly Neighborhood Nightmare." A super crisp high energy jam that revives the sounds of mid 2000s pop punk and alternative music, they said the song "was probably the most personal track for us to write. The titular character represents the disillusion a lot of our generation faces as we age, and the mental instability that usually follows. It’s about someone who’s become totally desensitized to their self-hatred and uncertainty, and manifesting that destructiveness into its own character. It talks about reaching that dark point where nothing matters, but in a light hearted and a slightly twisted way."

As Silence The Radio wraps up recording their upcoming EP, which is due to drop next month, get to know them a little better through this questionnaire where they reveal their hidden talents, why they can't wait for you to hear their new EP, and more. Check out their answers below.

Here's the scoop on our new single: Our new single, "Friendly Neighborhood Nightmare" is available on iTunes NOW and you can watch the music video on our Facebook and YouTube!

Our favorite memory from the filming of our new video was probably all getting donuts after the cop scene. Those were delicious.

We love performing live because a stage is a place where you can let everything out. All our energy and all our emotion comes out when we're playing.

We love our fans because: We love the people who support us because they've let us show them the songs we've worked so hard on and given back so much love and encouragement.

We're excited about our upcoming EP because: We've poured our hearts into these songs, and we've never been more excited to show everyone what we've been working on. Every song has a ton of emotion and story behind them.

My go-to song at the gym is:

  • Jack: "'Atomic Karate' by TWRP because that song will PUMP YOU UP."
  • Brandon: "'Killing in the Name' by RATM because it's angry and I need that at the gym almost as much as I actually need to go to the gym."
  • Thom: "'Technology' by Don Bronco because it's high energy and easy to work out to."
  • Josh: "'Run Away With Me" by Carly Rae Jepsen because Carly Rae is amazing."

My hidden talent is:

  • Jack: "My hidden talent is those crane games at arcades. I'm crazy good at those."
  • Brandon: "My hidden talent is Mario Kart."
  • Thom: "My hidden talent is I have none."
  • Josh: "My hidden talent is running. I am disturbingly fast."

The first album I bought was:

  • Jack: American Idiot by Green Day
  • Brandon: No Strings Attached by NSYNC
  • Thom: International Superhits by Green Day
  • Josh: Millennium by Backstreet Boys


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Instagram: @silencetheradiori