My Playlist: Bare Teeth

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French punk rock band Bare Teeth released their debut EP First the Town, Then the World earlier this year. Now getting ready to tour Italy, Tom, the band's bassist, took some time out to curate a playlist of favorites exclusively for Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

"May 16"-Lagwagon

"In a certain way, that's where it all started for a lot of kids from the 90s, I discovered punk-rock via iconic video games of the time, especially the second part of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series: Bad Religion, Millencolin and of course Lagwagon with this song, although I would forget their existence for many years thereafter. Also include Crazy Taxi with Bad Religion again, as well as The Offspring."


"Western Scale"-Strike Anywhere

"Joining Bare Teeth has been an opportunity for me to (re) discover punk-rock seriously, and finally to know bands that had escaped me during all this time: Strike Anywhere is one of those. Fast, edgy, but with a clear sense of melody and a much finer writing than it seems at first, this is a very good example of the direction my musical tastes take since I play in the band."


"Punk Guy ('Cause He Does Punk Things)"-NOFX

"NOFX is a cornerstone of my musical panorama since my teenage years, and remains one of my fetish bands from the skate-punk / pop-punk / whatever scene. This song is not necessarily my favorite, but I chose it in reference to the eternal debate on who is 'really punk' and who is not: as a band that likes to record clean stuff, does not ONLY have claims to mouth and has the buildup of selling merch to finance studio, music videos and tours, we are considered by some people to be 'sold' or 'posers'. I will not dwell on what one thinks, I let you guess...but it has become a subject of recurrent joke between us."


"One of Life's Great Lessons"-Fair Do's

"Apart from the studio discoveries, Bare Teeth obviously made it possible to enrich my music library via our tours and the bands met on the road. Among them, there were some quite simply excellent, and among these, Fair Do's is unquestionably on the podium. They are as talented as benevolent, and undoubtedly get to be known by fans of the genre."


"Last Man Standing"-Adrenalized

"My favorite of the moment! The Spanish of Adrenalized mingle with insolent ease the technical and musical level of bands like A Wilhelm Scream with a disconcerting sense of melody, a cocktail with dreadful efficiency. And God, it plays fast and well...and even faster live. Their album 'Tales from the Last Generation' is a must!"


"Fun Sucks"-Thee Infidels

"Can I talk about the influences of Bare Teeth without mentioning at least one ska-punk band, a genre in which Greg has been a long-time official? This one is far from ordinary: high tempo, energy to spare, very inventive writing, mix of successful varied influences of different members (it feels frankly live): I highly recommend!"



"Propagandhi... one of the bands that, in our opinion, gives its most nobility to 'modern' punk by pulling it up musically. This song is taken from their new album 'Victory Lap', which in my opinion marks the beginning of a new era for them, «brighter» but still as intense; technical and efficient."


"Tomorrow Starts Today"-Bare Teeth
"The best for the end... or not! In any case, we are very proud of this music video, and very happy with the work of Martin (I Shot Films) with whom we had already worked on Parted Ways. It transcribes well the mood of the song, which talks about not to be overwhelmed by the difficulties that stand in front of you when you seek to advance towards your objective. In the music video, these are symbolized by a boxer who beats the hell out of all four... what happens next will surprise you!"


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