My Playlist: Glass House Point

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Indie rock band Glass House Point is fresh off the release of their new EP Midnight Appetite. Comprising Dylan Graham (vocals/guitar), Dylan Methot (mandolin/guitar), Ian Campbell (bass), and Jansen Valk (drums), the band hails from Central Florida and incorporates lots of ambient guitar and refined strings into their songs. With Midnight Appetite, they explore a new way of delivering their music that is bolder and more dramatic than anything they have ever done but still maintains their self-described "sophisticated, yet untamed" sound they have worked so hard to hone.

Glass House Point curated a playlist of favorites exclusively for Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

1) “Bitter”-Palace

Palace writes music with a very distinct feel: dark and catchy. We take a similar approach when writing our music. This song really demonstrates musical control over lyrical theme, and that’s why we admire it.


2) “Die Young”-Sylva Esso

When it come to musical fluidity, Sylvan Esso nails it every time. “Die Young” is a fantastic song in that it really plays with feelings of smoothness and effortless while also incorporating an anthem-like lyric.


3) “Tears”-Mr. Jukes

Bombay Bicycle Club is a huge inspiration to us. Mr. Jukes is Jack Steadman’s new project. I find this new direction to be incredibly refreshing: a mix of R&B with that Bombay influence swimming right below the surface level. It’s beautiful.


4) “Golden”-MYFEVER

We are big supporters of local music, and we really enjoy connecting with different bands across the country. MYFEVER are based out of Atlanta, and I’ve found their music to be incredibly focused and lyrically driven. This is a band that deserves a lot of attention.


5) “Anemone”-Slenderbodies

This song is really cool. It has a really lo-fi feel, and the vocal is extremely unorthodox. It makes for a textured and interesting piece.


6) “Renee”-SALES

SALES knows how to let their arrangements “breathe,” which is often one of the most difficult things to do as a composer.


7) “Blank Tapes”-From Indian Lakes

Joey Vannucchi of From Indian Lakes is a genius. Enough said. “Blank Tapes” stands out as one of the stronger songs off of their new record. It’s a brilliant arrangement with some of the best producing I’ve heard in awhile.

Glass House Point is currently on tour promoting Midnight Appetite. For the full list of tour dates, go to, and for all of the band's latest news and updates, follow them on social media:


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