My Playlist: Off Guard

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Matt Weiss, Tyler Embry, Matt Becker, Doug Tuchler, and Nick Kolokathis are Off Guard.

Defined by distorted chord progressions and riffs, the Long Island band's brand of alt rock is unique and fierce but also shows influences from Weiss, Becker, and Embry's classical backgrounds, which are evident in their complex harmonies and stellar vocal runs.

Off Guard made a splash this fall with their energetic debut EP Set the Scene and today they share a playlist of some of their favorites from artists who have influenced their work with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

"I Don't Love You"-My Chemical Romance

"MCR will always have a place in my heart. They're the first band that made ME want to form a band. Gerard Way's vocals speak to me even today. This stunning ballad is the first song that came to my head when I thought of songs/bands who have inspired me."-Matt Weiss


"Don't Stop Me Now"-Queen

"Queen is one of our more prominent influences. Off Guard really tries to incorporate three-part melodies and harmonies that are very Queen inspired. This is just one of those feel-good songs and Freddie Mercury's vocals are stellar. The way they embody rock and roll with a theatrical twist is incredible."


"Alive With the Glory of Love"-Say Anything

"Max Bemis' writing style is a huge influence on Off Guard. It's so honest and to the point. I know Tyler (bass/vocals) has told me that he listens to this song/album all the time. If we ever got to play a show with Say Anything I would die happy honestly."


"Inspire The Liars"-Dance Gavin Dance

"Dance Gavin Dance is definitely a band favorite. We jam to them all the time. The way the vocalists' melodies/screams intertwine with each other is unreal. The jazzy chords/guitar licks they use influence songs on our EP like 'Strawberry Moon' and 'Hidden Messages'."


"Saturday"-Fall Out Boy

"Fall Out Boy is another band we take influence from, especially with the older stuff. This song specifically is one we all enjoy and have even considered covering for our live set ;);)"


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