My Playlist: Survival Kit

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Atlanta-based pop/rock band Survival Kit first came together in 2015 and have been making a statement with their music ever since. Covering very real themes, including infidelity in their latest single "Valedictorian," they encourage listeners by preaching a message of unity and remind them that they are not alone.

Today Survival Kit shares a playlist of some of their favorites with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

"Metal Now"-Say Anything

"This whole album deserves to be on this list, but as far as composition this song takes the cake. From the solid rock foundation, to Bemis’ anthem-esque lyrical delivery, to the amazingly fun and intricate breakdown towards the end of this song which smoothly transitions back into a super fun chorus. A must listen for any SA listeners, new and old."


"Placeholder"-The Story So Far

"Placeholder is a powerful song altogether. The musicianship of The Story So Far really shines in this tune. They’re able to rock the So Cal sound so flawlessly while still maintaining an honesty in the music that I feel is rare nowadays, at least in the way Cannon’s lyrics are presented. Very personal tune for those of you who need a friend in a lost mindset."


"Line & Sinker"-Billy Talent

"Remember GRIND the movie? I’m pretty sure this is where we first heard it. Anyway, this jam is super sick and you’ve probably never had the pleasure of hearing it if you never saw that movie."



"Can’t help but bob our heads to this one."


"Follow & Feel"-Saosin

"Solid jam from back in the day. We’ve loved Saosin since the Anthony Green days."


"Spiderhead"-Cage The Elephant

"Two Times & Andrew jammed this one on the road a lot during tour. Super catchy and you know its them everytime a song comes on."


"Favorite Liar"-The Wrecks

"Andy had the pleasure of meeting these guys and we absolutely love their music. You may have recently seen them on tour with All Time Low."


"Don’t Hold Back"-The Sleeping

"This song is incredibly dynamic and fun. I remember jamming this one skating back in the day. If we could capture this energy one day I’d be ecstatic."

Check it out Survival Kit's recent guest blog for Musical Notes Global here, and for all of the band's latest news and updates, follow them on social media:


Instagram: @survivalkitofficial

Twitter: @SurvivalKitGa