Get to Know Me: Francois Klark

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South African-born Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Francois Klark is an artist the world needs to know about.

Based in Toronto, he is a Universal Music Award winner, has won a John Lennon Songwriting award, and has shared the stage with Grammy winners like John Bellion and Ginuwine.

In anticipation of his debut album, which is set to drop early next year, Klark recently released his stunning first single "Spaceman." Complete with compelling melodies and magically powerful lyrics, it's a promising glimpse at the enchanting work he has in store for his listeners.

Get to know Francois Klark a little better in this questionnaire-style interview, in which he reveals details about his new single, why he's excited to release his debut album, and more. Check it out below.

Here's the scoop on my new single “Spaceman”: Some people believe that there is only one perfect person for you. Others believe that a person could fall in love with anyone and then that person becomes the perfect person for you. The message, or more so the theme of the song is that, regardless of what you believe, odds are if you're single, the person you'll one day choose to spend the rest of your life with, is somewhere out there right now at this very moment. ‘Spaceman’ explores this idea. The narrative in the song follows a space traveler who embarks on an almost dream-like journey covering extreme distances and overcoming great obstacles in search of his one person. In a sense this song became a metaphor of my journey as I search for, and discover my muse, music.

My favorite memory from recording the song was standing on the big live floor inside studio A in Phase One Studio’s (Toronto) and hearing the piano part for the first time on their beautiful grand piano in that large space.

I'm excited to release my debut album because the soundscapes in which the songs play out in took on a life of their own and turned the album into something that my producer, Kibwe Thomas, and I could only dream of. The album is filled with alternative pop anthems that slink between epic and intimate soundscapes which are alarmingly tribal, doused with provocative hooks, flickering synths, live instruments (often cinematic and orchestral-based) and a colossal amount of slickly-addictive polish.

An artist who has influenced my work is Dave Matthews because he taught me to use lyrics as a tool to paint vivid and imaginative imagery. 

I love performing live because it is a chance to bring the recorded music to - to reinterpret arrangements, be creative and to do things that you can not do on a record. I also love connecting face to face with my audience - making a real-life connection outside of social media. That said, performing live is a bit like jumping out of a plane - it scares me just a little, but once you’re out of the plane and skydiving, nothing compares to that freedom. 

I love my fans because they are incredible human beings who care about people and making other’s lives better. I also really appreciate their relationship with music - how they care about music & the arts.  

To me, music means connecting with people, telling & sharing stories with the hope of uplifting, comforting, inspiring and bringing change.

One day I hope to play the Royal Albert hall and share the stage with such artists as Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Stromae, Emeli Sande & Labrinth. I would arrange the music for band, Philharmonic orchestra, the Soweto Gospel Choir and also have my favourite choreographers and dancers choreograph the entire concert.


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