Get to Know Me: Maisy Kay

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London-born avant-pop singer Maisy Kay has already accomplished so much. The 18-year-old, who is now based in Los Angeles, is a self-taught pianist, wrote a play at age 10, has worked with a variety of A-list producers, and recently participated on the soundtrack for Jean-Michel Cousteau's Wonders of the Sea 3D documentary with her song "Heart of the Ocean."

Today she releases her debut EP Disguises. Comprising six stunning tracks, including "Heart of the Ocean" and the incredibly powerful "Vulcano," the collection showcases Kay's sweet vocal range, songwriting prowess, and her knack for speaking to the heart.

Get to know this inspiring young artist a little better in her questionnaire-style interview with Musical Notes Global where she talks about her new EP, what she likes to do when she's not singing, and more.

Here's the scoop on my debut EP Disguises: I have an exclusive app that uses a really cool technology to place content on currency. I have a bunch of stuff there now, and will be refreshing the app with new content on a regular basis. That comes out Nov 17th, and the EP is avail for purchase and streaming on Dec 1st. I'm headed to Japan to release the EP and the App soon, that all comes out Dec 8th.


I'm excited to release Disguises because these are songs I've been holding onto for 4+ years and it'll be really nice to finally have them out.

The most important thing I learned from recording the EP was I found myself during the process of writing and recording. this record it was a long journey, but I wouldn't be where I am now without it.

An artist who has influenced my work is Freddie Mercury because of his versatility, vocal ability and range.

I love performing live because it's a method to bring my music directly to people, which is what I am primarily after.

I love my fans because they're very supportive and it's great to see that they connect to the music, which is the reason I got into this, to help people through music.

When I'm not singing, I love to play video games...obsessively.

Music equals therapy.

Disguises is available now on digital music platforms.

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Instagram: @maisykay

Twitter: @maisykaymusic