Jeff Michaels Warms Hearts with New Holiday Single "It's Been a Long Time, Christmas"

It's time for a feel-good Christmas song, and there's no better voice to turn to than Jeff Michaels.

Partnering up once again with his long-time collaborator Chris Teffner, Michaels' latest track, along with the self-produced video, magically came together in just two days and is the fifth poignant holiday single the Boston-based singer and songwriter has released in the past five years.

"From national tragedies to devastating hurricanes and forest fires, this year was a difficult one for so many," Michaels said. "I think we're all in need of a little Christmas, and hoping this song brings some light to the world and warm wishes for a brighter holiday season for all."

"It's Been a Long Time, Christmas" revives the spirit of the holiday during a time when it's so easy to get lost in the troubles of today's world and makes an excellent addition to any Christmas playlist. Watch the lyric video below.

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