My Playlist: Julie Elody

PHOTO CREDIT: Becca Wilbee

PHOTO CREDIT: Becca Wilbee

Singer-songwriter Julie Elody has something to say, and she wants you to hear it.

Whether she's singing in the bath tub or on the stage, this down to earth songstress will win you over with soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Today she shares a playlist of some of her favorites exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

1) "Gasoline"-Halsey

"This song is why I started making the genre of music I do now. I heard it and I said to myself, 'this is what I want to be making.' It's definitely an inspiration."


2) "Dollhouse"-Melanie Martinez

"She's just so real and embodies the pop music genre but with lyrics that mean something, she's not afraid to be dark or creepy. This music video is amazing too."


3) "Suit & Jacket"-Judah & The Lion

"I love the banjo part in this song and how it's about not having your shit together. I can relate. This song is new fav!"


4) "Hey Now"-The London Grammar

"I literally listen to this on repeat everyday. It's such a dynamic and powerful song, it inspires me to keep making this type of music."


5) "Twice"-Little Dragon

"This is another of my favorite songs. When she hits those low notes...damn. Just damn."


6) "Bukowski"-Modest Mouse

"This song may have the best lyrics ever. It is just so raw and real and my favorite Modest Mouse song."

7) "Cloudbusting"-Kate Bush

"The strings in this song are stunning and the yo-yo metaphor is brilliant. I like how it tells a story."

In case you missed it, check out Julie's guest blog where she talks about her latest single and music video "The Lighthouse."

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