10 Songs for an International Valentine's Day Playlist

MNGBlog took a musical trip around the world to bring you 10 perfect songs for your Valentine's Day playlist. Happy listening!

"Shape of You"-Ed Sheeran (England)


"La Promesa"-Melendi (Spain)


"I Came to Love You"-Alexander Rybak (Norway)


"All to Myself"-Guy Sebastian (Australia)


"Meraviglioso amore mio"-Arisa (Italy)


"Pa Tann"-Regi (Haiti)


"Just the Way You Are"-Bruno Mars (U.S.A.)


"Re-arrange"-Biffy Clyro (Scotland)


"What the Heart Has Chosen (מה שהלב בחר)"-Kobi Aflalo (Israel)


"You're Still the One"-Shania Twain (Canada) & Paula Fernandes (Brazil)