Brooklyn Duo Andy Suzuki & The Method Release New Album The Glass Hour

Today marks the release of Brooklyn-based duo Andy Suzuki & The Method's third full-length album The Glass Hour.

A super smooth pop/rock album infused with glorious flavors of R&B and soul and even touches of gospel, The Glass Hour is a testament to the pair's mad skills and pristine artistry. The 13-track collection was produced by Juny Mag, mixed and mastered respectively by Grammy winners Will Hensley and Chris Gehringer.

One of the stand-out tracks from The Glass Hour is "Shelter," a sultry, gospel-driven love song that, in the band's words, is "what every person wants to say to the person that they are falling for, but is too scared to say...An offer to be there for someone else no matter what happens." Released as a single, the track was also a crucial component in the album's development. "This song is a special one for us because it marks a turning point in The Glass Hour album creation process," the duo explained. "After we wrote this song, we decided to embrace any and all R&B elements that popped up in our writing sessions for the new album. Adding the gospel choir to the second half of this song started as an off the cuff, 'wouldn't it be cool if we tried this' kind of idea, and it ended up working even better than we anticipated. After they sang on "Shelter", we asked the gospel vocalists to sing on several other songs. There is no better way to say 'I love you' than with a gospel choir, after all.”

Indeed, the gospel choir shows itself again on another of the album's top tracks, "I Need You More (The More You Leave)." The beat of this easily repeat-worthy track is reminiscent of those present in all the best late-80s and early-90s hits, and we absolutely love that.

Comprising members Andy Suzuki, a half-Jewish half-Japanese kid from Washington, DC who grew up singing in both English and Japanese, and Kozza Olatunji-Babumba, the grandson of Grammy-winning percussionist Babatunde Olatunji, the duo has fused their unique backgrounds together in a way that will catch the ear of anyone who happens to be listening and will leave them wanting more. "With us, there's always a ton of trial and error, experimentation and breakthroughs–and we want this struggle to really come through in the music," Suzuki said. "We love it when nobody, including us, knows what to expect from the next album, or even the next song."

Image Credit: Juan Navarro

Image Credit: Juan Navarro

While their 2013 folk-pop album Born out of Mischief really made people take notice, this time Andy Suzuki & The Method have created a career-defining masterpiece that is not just an album, but an experience.

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Andy Suzuki & The Method kick off their North American tour on February 10. Check out the dates below and get tickets here.

2/10-2/15: Tampa, FL @ The Rock Boat

2/22: Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe

2/24: San Diego, CA @ Lestat's West Music Venue

2/25: Los Angeles, CA @ Hapa Japan Fest

2/26: San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah

3/1: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East

3/2: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

3/12: Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live

3/19: Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java

3/24: Indianapolis, IN @ The HI-FI

3/25: Chicago, IL @ The Elbo Room


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