Artist Fabio Ingrassia Brings His Vision of Italy to the U.S.

Italian painter Fabio Ingrassia has spoken to thousands through his realistic and introspective works of art. A native of Sicily, he has garnered acclaim the world over by uniting the power of art and music into compelling masterpieces. The impact of music on Ingrassia’s work, of course, is undeniable, and it will majestically show itself in his two can’t-miss events taking place in Miami this month.

From March 21 to March 31, Ingrassia’s work is on exhibit at Miami’s Futurama 1637 Galleries. The 15-piece collection, titled “When Painting Meets Music: Italy in My Way,” demonstrates the artist’s unique view of Italy in its past, present, and future through the unification of his two life’s passions—art and music.

The exhibit will be an interactive experience, as each piece is meant to be viewed in conjunction with a specific song, which guests to the gallery will be able to play by scanning QR codes on their phones. 12 of the 15 pieces make up a continuous story that depict Italy “in his way,” revealing its beauty and history for better or for worse, in the good and the bad, in the darkness and light. The remaining three paintings explore Italy’s relationship with music. “I had to illustrate music,” he told Musical Notes Global, “because music also makes up a part of Italian culture.” In a case where words just aren’t enough, by creating the paintings as QR codes, Ingrassia literally makes the pieces speak for themselves: when each painting is scanned, viewers will hear a corresponding song that will help relay his message in its entirety.

Next week, on March 31, The Key Biscayne Community Center presents An Evening of Italian Art & Music “I Have a Dream” Showcase by Fabio Ingrassia. During this special event, which he will open with a live performance, Ingrassia will again use his two greatest passions together as tools to reveal a unique vision of the mafia and its relation to Sicily.

Unfortunately, any mention of Sicily in today’s world often brings to mind the mafia, and as the artist pointed out, especially here in the United States, our understanding of the mafia comes from stories like The Godfather. However, these American movies have created a myth that continues to burden Sicily and have perpetuated the island’s association with a system that does not accurately represent what it stands for today.

Ingrassia often suffers the repercussions of this media-created perception first hand when he travels throughout Europe and the United States. “Every time that I travel, that I travel in Europe or in America…every time I say I’m Italian, but specifically Sicilian, it produces a conversation about the mafia. This really bothers me,” he said.

As a result of his personal experiences and observations regarding Sicily’s reputation, Ingrassia was inspired to create his multi-media showcase, which aims to dispel the negative attention that has haunted Sicily for so long. On the night of March 31, he will shine a positive light on his native island once again, bringing his dream to life through the eyes of a little boy living a typical day in 1980s/1990s mafia-ridden Sicily and highlighting those who helped end the system instead of focusing on the people who created it. “I tried to create something that could tell people that yes, the mafia was part of Italy, of Sicily, of history…but I will talk about the people who contributed to eliminating it,” he said, “like Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino, Don Pino Puglisi…”

In addition to paint and dance, the artist will also utilize music and video to help convey his message. “I will show you actual pictures that give a visual image of the fact that Sicilians are not the mafia,” Ingrassia explained. “Yes, they were part of something that was born in Sicily, that then moved through the world, however Sicilians are also good people, people that gave their lives to make sure this ended…people that no one knows because this myth makes more headlines reflecting on the bad rather than the good.” And with the help of music from artists such as composers Ennio Morricone and Giovanni Allevi, as well as Sanremo 2015 winners Il Volo, Ingrassia said, he will tell a tale of victory that has been overshadowed by a negative story for far too long.

From his native Sicily to the United States and everywhere in between, Fabio Ingrassia continues to enchant audiences all over the world. He invites you to his showcase on Friday, March 31 from 6:30-8:30pm at The Key Biscayne Community Center. Admission is free, but be sure to register beforehand by calling 305-365-8900.

Learn more about Fabio Ingrassia and his work in his 2016 interview with Musical Notes Global here.

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