Clementino Drops Highly Anticipated New Album Vulcano

Italian rapper Clementino has released his latest album Vulcano, and it's his most personal album yet.

Vulcano is the first of the rapper's albums that presents him as a solo voice—there aren't any featured artists on this album, unlike on his previous four. However, his decision to fly solo has proven to be a wise choice, as his voice—both as a songwriter and as an MC—absolutely shines.

The album's title multitasks, paying homage to Mount Vesuvius and his beloved Naples while also reflecting his personality. "I chose this title both because it reminds me of Vesuvius and because I feel a little like a volcano with all the fire that I have inside," he said in a video on his Facebook page.

While Clementino wrote all the lyrics—some introspective, some more ironic—the 13-track collection is laced with the vibrant sounds of reggae, funk, and classic 1990s boombap mixed by producers like Ty1, Shablo, Yung Snapp, and American hitmaker Amadeus. Instant favorites like the club-ready "Uè ammo," the melancholic "Cenere," the dynamic "Tutti scienziati," and the extremely tender love song "La cosa più bella che ho" help make Vulcano a career-defining work that sheds a refreshing new light on the rapper and highlights all of his strengths.

Closing the album is a song dedicated to—and named for—Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino. Produced by David Ice, "Paolo Sorrentino" includes in its lyrics phrases from some of the director's most well-known films.

The Avellino-born MC is famous for integrating Neapolitan dialect into his lyrics, and, through songs like his autobiographical entry in this year's Festival di Sanremo titled "Ragazzi fuori," which was also Vulcano's first single, Clementino has become a powerful voice for Italy and its youth.

Vulcano follows Miracolo! as his fifth studio album and, upon its release on March 24, hit No. 1 on iTunes Italy's Top Albums chart. Fans in the U.S. can listen to the album on Spotify.

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