Fanny Lu Premieres Touching New Video "Llorar Es Una Locura"

Fanny Lu is back with a brand new video for her uplifting song "Llorar Es Una Locura."

Produced by Motiff and written by Fanny Lu along with Randy Malcom and Cuban artist El Mola, who is also featured on the track, "Llorar Es Una Locura" is full of positive energy and serves as a reminder to love oneself, to enjoy life, and to find happiness in this imperfect world.

The video tells the story of four women of different ages facing various obstacles but who are not letting those obstacles get in their way of finding joy. Filmed in Venezuela, it was directed by Nuno Gomes ("Andas En Mi Cabeza," "Me Voy Enamorando"), who has become well known for the emotional storytelling he produces in his music videos. "...I have always wanted to work with Nuno (Gomes)," Fanny Lu said of the director, "as his scripts convey powerful and moving messages." Indeed the clip puts into action the positive message that the song's lyrics promote.

Fanny Lu is currently on a promotional tour through Colombia and is working on her next single.