Gigi Rowe Releases New Ballad "Cover Me Up"

Miami-based pop queen Gigi Rowe just released a beautiful new ballad titled "Cover Me Up" that tugs right at the heartstrings.

The stripped down track is an excellent and refreshing display of vulnerability from this glamorous singer. Over muted instrumentals and among gentle lyrics, Rowe's vocal radiance is the star.

"Sometimes we all need somebody to hold on to. And there are other times when we're looking to be taken care of," Rowe explained. "And it's all okay. There's a real strength in that. This is the essence of 'Cover Me Up'."

The track follows the recent release of her Run The Night-The Remixes EP, which was sparked by the success of her breakout single "Run the Night." Learn more about it here. Check her out live on April 9 at one of Miami Beach's most popular events, the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival.

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