12-Year-Old Hip-Hop Sensation Sky Katz Talks "Beautiful Girl" with MNGBlog

Tenacious 12-year-old hip-hop sensation Sky Katz got her break on America's Got Talent, achieving the near-impossible feat of impressing Simon Cowell and the entire panel with her original song "Fresh." She just released a brand new single titled "Beautiful Girl" and told Musical Notes Global all about it.

Following Katz's already signature style, "Beautiful Girl" is witty and energetic and overflows with positive lyrics in dedication to girls everywhere who are combating low self-esteem. And yes, it absolutely celebrates girl power. When asked what girl power means to her, Katz told Musical Notes Global: "Girls having confidence, a strong voice and influence over others. Being able to make a difference as a strong young female through my music and my connection with my fans via social media."

The single is a collaboration with 11-year-old singer-songwriter Alex Boyarski, who joins Katz on the chorus. "I orginally met Alex Boyarski at this studio on Long Island called the Loft which i recorded a few tracks at during the time I was offered the chance to participate with Americas Got Talent," she said. "I thought he would be a great asset for Beautiful Girl and asked him to contribute."

Discovering her passion for rap at the young age of 5, the Long Island native and star basketball player finds inspiration in the music of rap icons like Tupac and Biggie Smalls and hopes to bring back old school hip-hop. In the game for less than a year, Katz is already making her mark on the genre while sharing her positive message through tracks like "Beautiful Girl."

Sky is starting to build her debut full-length album alongside producer Sean Allen and told Musical Notes Global that she thinks the upbeat song will fit right in. "I love this track and definitely think it can find a home on my album," she said. "Its a great fun song with a deep message. We are all beautiful in some way and all have something positive to offer."

Katz hopes to partner with a pediatric cancer foundation and similar organizations to promote girl power. You go girl!

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