Israeli Singer-Songwriter Oren Lavie Releases Single "Did You Really Say No"

Israeli singer-songwriter and author Oren Lavie recently released an intense new duet with French musician, model, and actress Vanessa Paradis.

"Did You Really Say No" marks Lavie's comeback following his 2010 Grammy-nominated video and international hit "Her Morning Elegance." The track is the first single to be released from Lavie's upcoming sophomore album Bedroom Crimes.

A sensual, thought-provoking production inspired by the French New Wave cinema of François Truffaut and Jean-Pierre Melville, the accompanying music video was directed by Lavie and shot in black and white, a technique that only further enhances the haunting arrangement and vocals of Lavie and Paradis.

About his collaboration with Paradis, Lavie stated: "I was always very moved by her. I was a fan of French culture in general and I grew up listening to Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens. 'Did You Really Say No' was originally written as a duet for a man and a woman, telling one story from two different points of view. I asked my publisher if we could send it to Vanessa, who responded with enthusiasm. I met her in Paris and I played the piano and she sang. In two hours it was done!"

Bedroom Crimes is scheduled to drop on May 12.

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