Ireland's Rory Lavelle Releases New Single "Poor Pride"

Photo Credit: Bernie Mcallister

Photo Credit: Bernie Mcallister

Irish singer-songwriter Rory Lavelle is getting ready to drop his solo debut album Waves next month. He recently premiered its second single "Poor Pride" in anticipation of its release.

The track, a reminiscent love song, reveals traces of soul-soothing 1960s pop-rock, and despite the heavy emotion behind the lyrics, its melody and instrumental composition leaves the listener feeling, well, good, however ironically.

"'Poor Pride' is a song about being stuck in a bad situation in grim surroundings and yearning for the embrace of a loved one," Lavelle said, "which was exactly where I was when I wrote it. It was the start of a magical period of my life with someone I couldn't get enough of, but I was suddenly ripped away from all that, out of the sunshine and into the rain. I was stationary, mute, and miserable but in hindsight it made the together times all the more special. It's a love song, I know I shouldn't with my history of alt rock leanings but I write one every 5 years or so whether I want to or not!"

Prior to embarking on a solo career, Lavelle played with his bands Indigo Fury and Sparks Fly. If this track is any indicator, Waves is sure to be a more than solid album that fans—both old and new—will play over and over again. Check out "Poor Pride" below.

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