Watch Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm's New Video "Broken"

Rockers Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm have dropped a moving new video for their song "Broken."

Comprising members Tony Lechmanski (guitar), Cathy Monnes (cello, violin), Jeff Diehm (bass), Ethan Lipscomb (keyboard), Kevin Ardrey (drums), along with frontwoman Lauren Hoffman, the six-piece band is based in Virginia. Although they've been together for a few years now, they've only just released their debut full-length album Family Ghost, from which "Broken" is extracted.

The video, directed by Aaron Farrington and Abel Okugawa, casts the ethereal-voiced Hoffman as narrator of a stunningly raw story of flaws and imperfections as they exist in relationships. About writing "Broken" Hoffman said: "I definitely am a sucker for damaged people. So many artists and deep, interesting people are people who have managed to transform their brokenness into positive growth. But the guy who I wrote the song about couldn't do that. Instead of his damage being a catalyst for transformation, vulnerability, or deeper connection, he was just broken."

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