WHM Playlist Series: Liza Colby-The Gold Setting

Musical Notes Global continues its Women's History Month celebration this week with the first in a series of playlists curated by women in music.

Liza Colby, frontwoman of the soulful new band The Gold Setting, submitted this playlist of some of her favorite songs from super inspiring female artists. Check out all the reasons why she loves them.


Playlist: Womensssssssss, we be the baddest!

1. "Rock Me Baby"-Sugar Pie Desanto

"One, Sugar Pie crushes this version of Rock me baby! Two, I have always loved this video of her she's a pint sized pistol wheeling attitude and giving you all the feels. She just sits right in the pocket of this blues. Love her!"

2. "Evil Man"- Ike & Tina Turner

"It's so hard for me to pick just one Tina song. But I have been obsessed with the record Come Together lately and this cut kills. I love the groove, and the hook is just the tits!"


3. "Spirit in the Dark"-Aretha Franklin

"Aretha, Aretha, Aretha!!!! The opening of this song has given me chills from the first time I heard it as a little girl till now. When it kicks into the song if you don't want to move...I don't know what's wrong with you. It's a quintessential feel good cut."


4. "Les Fleurs"-Minnie Riperton

"Minnie's voice on this track is so beautiful and haunting! Get lost in this whimsical sonic wonderland. The chorus is HUGE and nothing was spared production wise. Soooo good!"


5. "Breakfast in Bed"-Dusty Springfield

"The rasp in Dusty's voice is just the sexiest! Can she please make us all breakfast in bed?!?!? I mean come on. The horn stabs/lines on the chorus really bring this home for me. So easy to listen to!"


6. "Peanut Duck"-Marsha Gee

"This song screams fun and it feels like Marsha is having a blast singing it. When I first heard track it went into repeat mode and it was tough getting out of it! Play it loud!"


7. "Down in the Basement"-Etta James

"Etta kicks in the door with her entrance on this number. I hear it and all I can think of is 'Why am I not all hot -n- sweaty dancing [in] a basement right now?!?' The tambourine makes me so happy on this. It's so simple but perfectly present. And the guitar solo has got that magic!"



Liza just released a sensual Motown-esque new single "My Love" with The Gold Setting. Check it out here and look out for The Gold Setting's debut EP Volume and Tone next month.

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