WHM Playlist Series: Seasaw



Musical Notes Global continues its Women's History Month celebration with the third installment in a series of playlists curated by women in music.

Today's playlist comes from the Madison, Wisconsin-based duo Seasaw. Comprising members Eve Wilczewski and Meg Golz, the pair released their sophomore album Too Much Of A Good Thing last July, which explores the theme of metamorphosis through the metaphor of a sunburn, and has shared the stage with acts such as Lucius, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and SOAK.

We're totally digging Seasaw's top picks from some of the most powerful female artists ever to hit the music scene. Check them out below.

Playlist: World Music Mixtape

1. "Gold Lion"-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Karen O is my favorite musician on earth, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Gold Lion' is my favorite tune from the album 'Show Your Bones.' It was tough to pick just one song, but this one has a crazy catchy hook, and this video is so creative and full of passion. Fun Fact: Eve and I both really love them, and we were even in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover band called the Yes Yes Yesses."-Meg


2. "He War"-Cat Power

"It took me a long time to discover all of what Cat Power has created, but I first learned of her from my brother when he and I sang a cover of her cover of 'Sea of Love.' Upon exploration, 'He War' and its guitar riff specifically, has stayed in my head constantly. It makes it on every single one of my spring and summer playlists."-Meg


3. "Doo Wop (That Thing)"-Lauryn Hill

"Lauryn Hill was my first real intro to R&B. The entire album of 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' is truly a work of art (alongside her albums with The Fugees), but this song has always been one that you can play in almost any situation and everyone is just as excited to hear it every single time. Eve and I saw her live in Milwaukee, WI just this month (February 2017) and it was still incredible after 20 years."-Meg


4. "Elastic Heart"-SIA

"I love all of what SIA is doing as a voice in modern pop music. Her entire musical catalog is full of power, and the visual representation of her work is just as strong. When I first watched this video, I immediately sent it to Eve, and we gushed about how it made us feel. We then watched her perform it live in Chicago (October 2016), with the same dancers in the same cage and those feelings rushed back all too familiar."-Meg


5. "He's A Keeper Of The Fire"-Buffy Sainte-Marie

"My father introduced me to most of the music that I love and that still influences me today; the most important being the work of Buffy Sainte-Marie. Although Buffy has had a prolific career that spans to today, I am choosing to share with you the first song I was ever exposed to, the one that sent me down the path of idolizing this artist and activist."-Eve


6. "Peach Plum Pear"-Joanna Newsom

"Listening to Newsom in college was transformative for me. I had never heard anything like her, and it is still hard to compare her to anyone currently or historically. This track is one that I can listen to on repeat and then relish the nuances of how Newsom has also transformed as a musician from 'Peach Plum Pear' to where she is now. She is masterful in everything she records and has an otherworldly brilliance that is intoxicating."-Eve


7. "Hold Up"-Beyoncé

"There are no words or high enough praise for the masterpiece that Beyonce has created, curated and bestowed upon the music world this year. This is a breathtaking work of art lyrically, sonically, and visually that stops me in my tracks and fills me with goosebumps each time I hear it."-Eve


8. "California"-Joni Mitchell

"'California' was one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar. I would play and sing it over and over again, pretending that I could hit the same notes as this queen of folk music. The lyrics are quirky, playful, and aching at times which is a juxtaposition that I am always drawn to. This is by far my favorite song by Mitchell."-Eve

Seasaw recently released a 3D virtual reality video for their song "Light," which was created to be viewable as a traditional video and in 3D Google Cardboard Virtual Reality.

The duo is currently on a national headlining tour. Check out dates here and be sure to follow them on social media:

Facebook: @singseasaw

Twitter: @singseasaw

Instagram: @singseasaw