My Playlist: Useless Dogs

Started by Ohio native Mr Dogman, Madrid-based rock and roll band Useless Dogs finds their inspiration across a variety of musical genres and decades. Listen closely to any of their songs and one can hear the bright rhythms of country, pop, and blues beneath their overarching rock sound. Mr. Dogman, who is also the band's songwriter and lead singer, curated a playlist of songs that inspire the music of Useless Dogs. Check them out below.

"Ninety-Nine and a Half"-Creedence Clearwater Revival

"This band is the one that gathers all I like in a band. Power, blues, and a psych touch once in a while. What else can one ask for. Fogerty's voice breaks me down, it sounds as if it's going to tear but it doesn't. It's not human.

'Ninety nine and a half, just won't do'. Love it'"


"Memories"-Soft Machine

"One of the Canterbury sound pioneers, wonderfully weird. Robert Wyatt, one of those musical genius that remains unknown to many. Memories crunches my heart."


"Down On The Street"-The Stooges

"Time for the Detroit protopunk guys. Iggy Pop slams this song on our face, takes us down the street with his unique hustle. Part of Fun House, a jewel of Punk-Rock, or whatever they want to call it.

You are not living, you are fighting."


"Running You and Me"-The Pretty Things

"This is another of those bands that stay hidden under the big ones. A unique recording, for a French millionaire playboy (Philippe Debarge) that gives an energetic acoustic guitar song with a hippy touch. Only an example of what this band can give us."


"To Love Somebody"-Nina Simone

"Nina, The Female Voice covers the Bee Gees song To Love Somebody. Her voice is so thrilling and personal and I'd say, she is thrilling and personal herself. Enjoy the drums too, worth it."


"Suffraggette City"-David Bowie

"Along with Lou Reed this man is part of my life. He left us for a trip to Rock Valhala and left behind all these outstanding songs...don't tell me I have to choose one! Well ok, Sufraggette City could be one, Rock and Rollah with this punky and sassy feel inside. Hey Man!!!! This is an Artist calling out."


"Salamander"-Jethro Tull

"Jethro Tull, one of the best rock bands ever. Ian Anderson has composed some of my favourite songs. This one, Salamander is a short piece of art that one would like to be endless...but it's not. Listen to that acoustic guitar!"


"Uncle Remus"-Frank Zappa

"Here comes a Genius, not only his music but his words say so. I am a Zappa fan to the end, but when the man gets close to something commercial he nails it. Uncle Remus is a perfect song."

Check out Useless Dog's new self-produced album Play or Fall here and follow them on social media for all of their latest news and updates:


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