Denmark's Laust Sonne Releases New Video "Reckless"

To put it simply, Laust Sonne is a music industry powerhouse. Based in Copenhagen, the composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has previously played in bands like Dear, Bugpowder, and the renowned rock band D-A-D. Now he's making a successful go of it solo, and with infectious songs like "Reckless," there will be no stopping him.

Released in April, "Reckless" is Sonne's latest single. Originally included as an acoustic track on his 2015 EP Classic Relations, Sonne revamped the romantic song, transforming it into a radio-friendly pop dream, and added it to his 2016 album Relations.

The music video, directed by Thomas Jessen and Georg Rune Andersen, is spellbinding and kaleidoscopic and finds Sonne alone in a room surrounded by mirrors and neon lights. Watch below.

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