The Running Lights Prepare to Release Debut EP

New York-based band The Running Lights have been rocking as a trio since 2015. Comprising lead singer Mike Squillante, keyboardist Nick Squillante, and drummer Steve Ranellone, the band has built a dedicated following through covers of chart-topping hits performed in their signature electro-pop-rock style.

Now The Running Lights are finally sharing original music, and they are fresh off the release of their latest single "Once Upon A Time," an addicting love song with a super catchy chorus and a radio friendly sound. "We wanted to have a track with that rolling bass sound reminiscent of modern Taylor Swift coupled with the lonely heart aspect of The 1975 or Nick Jonas," Mike Squillante explained. "Once we got a groove together with a bass progression the rest of the production took shape quickly over the course of a day, the song, the lyrics, everything." As the band says, the song is a fairy tale in reverse, told from the point of view of a hopeless romantic. "I think we've all been in that position at least once in our lives. It's knowing your entire love story, every precious memory, every tender moment, every laugh and every tear before any of it happens. The one thing you don't know is how it begins, how to tell someone that you're head over heels for them and you have been for some time."

"Once Upon A Time" will be included on the band's upcoming EP, a project that promises to be "catchy as hell," Mike Squillante told Musical Notes Global. "But that's coming from one of the songwriters so the people who listen will have to be the judge of that!" However, considering the songs were written in a top 40 pop format, his claim will most certainly turn out to be true. "They [the songs] touch on the general idea that although people may seem like they're cool with a tough exterior, there is often a storm of different emotions brewing beneath their skin," he continued. Drummer Steve Ranellone added: "We've put a lot of time and effort into it and can't wait for the world to hear!" We can't wait to listen!

Check out The Running Lights on June 2 at Brooklyn's Rough Trade (9:15 PM) and on June 13 at Gold Sounds (8 PM).

The Running Lights recently curated a playlist of some of their favorite songs for Musical Notes Global. Listen here.

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