New Norwegian Sensation Luke Faas Drops Single "Why Bother"

IMAGE CREDIT: Thomas Leikvoll

IMAGE CREDIT: Thomas Leikvoll

23-year-old singer-songwriter Luke Faas is quickly taking over the airwaves with his lyrically hard-hitting electro-soul; and to put it quite simply, he's the latest sensation to come out of Norway.

This week, the multi-instrumentalist, who hails from Stabekk, Norway, released his latest R&B-flavored single "Why Bother." A lightly funky, impactful track that discusses his experience with a troubling friendship—a situation that, most likely, everyone listening can relate to—"Why Bother is a song about cutting ties to the people around you who drain your energy without ever giving back," Faas explained. "You know, the kind of people who call favors, waste your time and drag you down. I had so much frustration in me while writing the song, but I wanted to balance that with the relief I felt when I broke out of a 'friendship' like that."

The song is the second single to be released from Faas's upcoming seven-track debut EP Apathy. Its first single, "Should've Seen It," has accumulated more than 200,000 streams to date since its premiere in February and has received extensive play on NRK P3, Norway's most influential radio station.

Set for release on June 16, Apathy boasts the production of Nicolay Tangen Svennæs (Bernhoft, Emilie Nicolas).

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