Boy Epic Talks Dark New Video "Trust" with Musical Notes Global

PHOTO CREDIT: Estevan Oriol

PHOTO CREDIT: Estevan Oriol

Although there is still a cloud of mystery surrounding Boy Epic, there is no doubt that the "dark prince of pop" is forging his own unique path in the industry. The Dallas native first burst onto the scene in 2014 with covers of songs like A Great Big World's "Say Something" and his original track, the Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired "Fifty Shades." Finding his greatest inspiration in legends like Frank Sinatra and cinema giants Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorcese, Epic, who directs all of his videos himself, has been deemed a "cinematic pop maestro" for his seamless integration of film and music.

Last week, Boy Epic released his latest masterpiece "Trust," a track that delves into his battle with self-worth and reminds us that there is value in trusting not only others, but, perhaps most importantly, ourselves as well. "The story behind 'Trust' is a complicated, multilayered dream state inside my mind," Boy Epic explained to Musical Notes Global. "At the same time, it's simple; The story is about a man who desperately wants to be in love. He develops the idea of the perfect woman in his mind, but destroys the idea of their happiness together before it even begins because he doesn't trust himself or anyone. He's not even sure of what he's feeling, seeing, of if she is in fact even real to begin with. I wanted to leave it up to the viewer to determine their own conclusions."

Like a mini movie, the video is dark and moody and serves as the follow up to his previous single. "I've always been a fan of movies about dreams. With 'Trust' I wanted to continue the story from my 'Kanye's In My Head' video and dig deeper into my mind. Tackling the subject of ones confidence in a relationship, and show 2 sides of a story. One being realism, the other being the 'what if' concept. Take those two things, put it in a blender, and top it off with a cherry that is imagination. Ultimately this video is a representation of fighting that inner battle within, and allowing yourself to take the chance of trusting yourself."

His favorite part of filming the video? "100% working with a professional, more than fantastic crew!" he said. "They really helped me realize my vision and I couldn't be more thankful."

For this out-of-the-box thinker, the sky's the limit. However, he stays humble and acknowledges the significance of growth to his career and advancement. "The most important thing I could ever do with my career is grow. I learn something new every time I write a treatment, write a song, direct and edit a video, I'm always learning," he told Musical Notes Global. "Naturally over time I'm going to get better and my goals are going to become more ambitious. I think one the things that has helped me along the way is having the mindset to always try something new. The honesty and realism in my music prevents me from repetition. Life is constantly changing, therefore, I am too."

Boy Epic is preparing for a number of notable releases this year. Get "Trust" now via digital music retailers.

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