Concert Preview: Grey Gersten to Play Album Release Show June 9

Over the last 10 years, singer-songwriter Grey Gersten has absolutely thrived in NYC's experimental rock and art community while collaborating with revered artists. Receiving praise by Stereogum and recognition by outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone for his unique project "Custom Melodies," he takes a big step this month with a brand new album.

This Friday, June 9, Gersten drops Naked Light and will celebrate its premiere with a special album release show. The event will be held in the intimate setting of a Soho loft covered in floor pillows and will find the Brooklyn-based artist joined by guests Kyp Malone (TV on The Radio and comedian Joe Pera, as he performs songs from the album.

Raw and otherworldly, Naked Light, co-produced by Shahzad Ismaily, follows the success of Gersten's critically acclaimed EP (released under the moniker Eternal Lips) and reveals the power of vulnerability. Through the album, which Gersten described to Musical Notes Global with the mushroom, alien, and lightning bolt emoji, he said he did not want to convey a message, as many artists often do. Instead, while creating it, he ended up providing listeners with an unfiltered look into his musical mind. "I tried to fully encounter whatever I was feeling without judging it and without trying to narrate it or reduce it into something that made sense," he said. "My goal was to completely forget that people would eventually hear this album."

Attendees to Friday's release show can expect an exceptionally rich night during which they will experience Gersten's music on a level that will border on the spiritual and share in the same emotional presence that he tried to focus on while creating the album. Good company and even better music, along with a few surprises sprinkled in for good measure, will make for an unforgettable night. "I wrote and recorded this record in the middle of the night. The sessions were freewheeling, unselfconscious, and intimate," Gersten explained. "With the Sunset - Sunrise event I'm inviting the audience to be inside the environment of the record...and to fall asleep next to a stranger listening to my music...If people feel anything in reaction to my work then I'm satisfied."

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The Naked Light album release show will take place June 9 to June 10 from Sunset to Sunrise (8:30 PM June 9 to 5:30 AM June 10) at the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York City, located at 537 Broadway #2. Tickets available at the door.

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